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GEO Certified® is wereldwijd erkend en goedgekeurd door steeds meer organisaties en mensen, zowel in als buiten de golfwereld.Klik hieronder om te lezen over de activiteiten die deze golfomgeving onderneemt om de duurzaamheid te garanderen.Dit golfcentrum controleert de maaipatronen elke: 1 months Dit golfcentrum raadpleegt de volgende personen / organisaties voor zijn grasplan: Every year we draw up a maintenance and fertilisation plan in consultation with SBA Golf en Groen.Before drawing up this plan, both SBA Golf en Groen and Eric Seijn take soil samples.The surroundings also include forests, roads, landscape elements such as overgrown terrace edges and lynchets and the ‘t Rooth quarry.

There are also various landscape elements and terrace edges present with many species of trees and shrubs.

Ash and English oak predominate in these linear elements, but sweet cherry, sycamore, elm and birch can also be found.

The shrub layer includes many fruit and nut species such as sloe, common hawthorn, hazel, elderberry, red dogwood, blackberry and rose bushes.

On the 6th of July I visited the golf course of Rijk van Margraten to execute a GEO audit.

Present during the visit were manager (Martin Snider) and the head greenkeeper (Henri Coumans).

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