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Este estará en rate M porque seguramente añadiré lemon más adelante.

Only her plans are slightly changed when she finds a puppy with a broken leash. Dirigir una revolución puede traer consigo muchas cosas, pero rara vez encuentras el amor en ellas.

Editors of various general Encyclopedias had attempted to make them satisfactory from a Catholic point of view, but without success, partly because they could not afford the space, but chiefly because in matters of dispute their contributors were too often permitted to be partial, if not erroneous, in their statements.

, vivo en Chile, actualmente estoy estudiando en la universidad. Lily is the infamous trouble maker at her high school. See how their relationship develops as the story delves deep..that deep though..progresses ehehe Other mentions of coupling will be added.. The fire that had once been abruptly extinguished is ignited once more, but will it burn brighter than before? La súcubo termino mal herida y la pelirrosa eligió ayudarla. Negitoro, Miku/Luka Era una noche fría y la luz de la luna llena iluminaba la ciudad. Sera rescatada por una sexy pelirosa con orejitas de lobo? Miku es una chica tranquila y solitaria es arrastrada al Makai, el mundo de los demonios, después de que una chica un curso menor que ella se le haya confesado.

A series of drabbles based more often than not on a single word. Shoutout to Tremendously Mental for letting me borrow an idea, and to Deviant Art's x Pink Balloon for the cover image. And if she has to leave the Castle for an afternoon without warning anyone who could stop her, she will.

Desde entonces han pasado diez años y la chica peli-azul aún sigue recordando a su querida amiga. So some chapters might change but I'll let you guys know if it's done. Luka y Miku son dos chicas de secundaria que tras la confesión de esta ultima empiezan a llevar una relación de amor juntas. To her teachers, she was a rebellious student and to her friends, she was a bit of an airhead.

ADVERTENCIA: Mikux Luka Miku stumbles upon a little candy shop to avoid a storm, and meets the one and only worker in there. Despite being next in line to the throne, Princess Miku was naïve and carefree.

And why is everybody telling her to watch out of the mysterious girl? No se que me pasa, solo se que esto nunca lo he sentido. Treated as a misfortune since birth, Luka's sole wish is to be loved. Beyond the castle's sheltered walls, a dark path lay ahead. Miku finds out that the prospects of returning to her family are not what she thought them to be. Hatsune Miku is a star in dire need to rise in the ranks after a month break. Collection of oneshots that may or may not be based on prompts. All of them will probably(definitely) include Luka.

Clarke wakes up the morning after her office party with texts from a strange number she does not know. Nunca pensé fijarme en una chica que apenas conozco y mucho menos terminar enamorándome de ella tan pronto... [Parte 1 de 3]'Sí, era verdad que Miku Hatsune se sentía en ese momento como un pez fuera del agua, pero de alguna forma la sensación parecía no ser tan mala como le había parecido al principio. Miku can't help but feel like her relationship is slowly falling apart, but will her new 'virgin killer sweater' be enough to save it? Mikux Luka yuri, negitoro fluff, rated T/borderline MChildhood Stories are honestly nostalgic. Luka and Miku will have to find out while growing into something more. Rated T for now- but will be turned into M in later chapters.

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