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The Millwall firm then crash the Abbey, and petrol bomb the bar.On arrival, Tommy confronts Steve, whose attempts to convince Tommy that he is no longer involved in the GSE only further reminds him of his son, and he stabs Steve in the neck with a broken bottle, telling him that if he dies tonight then they are both even.Bovver informs Pete of this, and, when Steve finds out, he goes to the Abbey to warn Matt.Matt discovers that Steve is the founder and former leader of the GSE, nicknamed “The Major", who retired from football hooliganism a decade prior after witnessing the death of Tommy’s 12 year old son in a fight between Millwall and the GSE following a match, which drove Tommy insane, leading him to blame Steve and the GSE for his son's death.On his way back to the underground, Matt is jumped by three Birmingham fans, who nearly give him a Chelsea grin (Glasgow Smile), but he is rescued by some GSE members, who are on their way to a larger fight.Though grossly outnumbered, the GSE manage to stand their ground until reinforcements chase off the Birmingham firm." It is revealed earlier in the movie to Matt that the GSE's sworn enemy is Millwall's firm, led by Tommy Hatcher (Geoff Bell), with whom Bovver makes negotiations after getting jealous of Matt.After one of the members of the GSE sees Matt meeting his father, a renowned journalist for The Times, for lunch, they assume Matt is a "journo" as well.

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Buckner is afraid to speak up because the Van Holdens are a powerful family, and Jeremy offers him ,000 for taking the blame.Whilst on the train they are warned that 40 Manchester United firm members are waiting for them at the station singing "Where's your famous GSE! Bovver hits the emergency stop button which allows the GSE to get off at an earlier stop (Macclesfield).Having failed to find a taxi, they persuade a van driver to take them into Manchester.Matt does not initially accept the money, but reconsiders and uses it to visit his sister Shannon (Claire Forlani), her husband Steve Dunham (Marc Warren) and their young son, Ben (James Allison) living in London.There, Matt meets Steve's brother, Pete (Charlie Hunnam), an acerbic and imposing Cockney who leads the local football hooligan firm – Green Street Elite (GSE): a group of football supporters who arrange fights after matches – and teaches at a local school.

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