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He launched his channel four months ago after watching his now 16-year-old son Jared increase his viewing audience to 150,000 fans in a little more than a year.Flippinginja, due to his ability to perform acrobatics on camera.Darrell’s handle is Flippindad." data-reactid="65"“I have 22,000 fans on You Now, and they all call me dad,” Tousley says.“A lot of them don’t have dads of their own, so we adopted them into our Flippin Family.”Where many look at You Now and see stranger danger, Tousley sees the positive things it can bring.Aside from the requirement for a social media account, You Now does no age or identity verification. The potential for abuse is obvious — and if nothing else, the popular #truthordare stream is sure to get your attention.

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If they click the Fan button, they can get notified when your next show will start.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen — I’m certain it does — but it’s not nearly as widespread as you might expect.

Darrell Tousley is one of the few You Now members I found who appears old enough to vote, a 45-year-old professor of art with a goofy personality.

The site immediately starts streaming a channel picked at random.

You can pick a different channel by clicking one of the thumbnails below the video window or the list of hashtags to the left.

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