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The 2M Red uses an improved engine, which provides an increased output of 5.5m V. Channel balance at 1 k Hz 1,5 d B Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force 70 µm Compliance, dynamic, lateral 20 µm/m N Stylus type Elliptical Stylus tip radius r/R 8/18 µm Tracking angle 20° Internal impedance, DC resistance 1,3 k Ohm Internal inductance 700 m H Recommended load resistance 47 k Ohm Recommended load capacitance 150-300 p F Cartridge weight 7,2 g "The AT120E features a high efficiency, para-toroidal coil assembly and dual magnet stylus assembly.

It borrows many of the superlative features of our top of the line models.

From that point the finesse, scale, presence, detail and sheer musical enjoyment is quite staggering.

Just as pleasing is that it does not cost a fortune.

Some more expensive styli will have more exotic shapes such as the 'fine line' profile. 0.3 mil, 0.3 thou) A thousandth of an inch, 0.001" (mil) = 0.0254mm i.e.

Elliptical styli may typically have measurements from 0.0002" to 0.0004" on the short axis and 0.0007" on the long axis. 24.5 microns) To convert microns to imperial divide by 25.4. 25.4 microns A thousandth of a millimetre, 0.001mm (micron) = 0.000039"Audio Technica give the stylus measurements of their AT120E as 0.3mil x 0.7mil This is the same as 0.0003" x 0.0007" in imperial.

The 2M series of cartridges feature Ortofon’s trademark split pole pins, an invention which enables moving magnet cartridges to have a flat frequency response, as with a moving coil cartridge.

The "x" versions were engineered to soften the high end of the V15V and the M97. The "x" was not a cost reduction or a quality reduction." So, the M97x E and the V15Vx MR were ‘designed’ to have a softened high end and a more ‘musical’ sound, the so called Shure ‘Audiophile’ response curve.

Each Super OM cartridge can be upgraded by replacing the stylus with a higher model in the range. if you have a Super OM10 it can be upgraded to a Super OM20, OM30 or OM40 by simply installing the appropriate Super OM stylus. Starting at the 2100 (approx £95.00*), 2200 (approx £110.00*), 2300 (approx £170.00*), 2400 (approx £190.00*), 2500 (approx £225.00*). A well specified cartridge with reasonable 4m V output.

(£80.00 approx) Each Super OM cartridge can be upgraded by replacing the stylus with a higher model in the range. if you have a Super OM20 it can be upgraded to a Super OM30 or OM40 by simply installing the appropriate stylus. Budget cartridge, but apparently has a clear and solid sound. The latest in a long line of Shure cartridges, but is it up to the standards of their previous V15 line of cartriges? Could be well worth a listen: Felix Scerri observes: Some love it and some hate it.

Remember to completely avoid cartridges intended for DJ use - particularly those with spherical stylus tips that have very high tracking weights of over 3 grams.

For hi-fi use only cartridges that employ elliptical, or the more expensive fine-line, tips should really be considered. The cartridge I use is the Audio Technica AT120E which provides really superb performance at reasonable cost. It takes about fifty hours of playing to run-in and perform at its best.

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