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Together, they demonstrated the novel features of the new operating system.Giuliani thanked Microsoft for launching Windows XP in his city, while Gates loudly promised that it would be the .

Bags were thoroughly searched, and laptops and phones were forbidden. It was just six weeks after the September 11 attacks, which killed almost 3,000, and had devastated the city.Many businesses took this as their opportunity to upgrade. They either had too many workstations to upgrade in an expedient and non-disruptive manner, or they depended on business critical applications that would only work on Windows XP. In order to keep these systems secure, they pay large annual dues to Microsoft, who in return provides the IRS with vital security updates.But beyond that, there are millions more who either can’t, or want to upgrade from Windows XP. Despite not being the capital, it’s the largest city in Nigeria, and the sixth biggest in the world.Despite their stuffy corporate veneer, Microsoft certainly knows how to throw a party. Microsoft was launching Windows XP, its then latest operating system.Earlier that day, they had thrown a free concert, which Sting headlined, Bill Gates emceed, and thousands attended.

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