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Advantages of Education to Man: There are several advantages of education to man; said by him, such as Education develops the social and economic proficiency. Objectives of Education by Ibn-e-Khaldun: He defined some objectives of education such as;  Education is physical need.

 Aim of education should be the spiritual development.

Ibn Khaldun worked on history, politics, theology, jurisprudence, economics, education, environment sciences so he is known as the father of sociological sciences.

Early Life and Education: Waliuddin Abu Zaid Abdul Rahman Ibn Muhammad Ibn Khaldun was born in Tunis on May 27th, 1332.

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He had very audacious nature, when the North Africa split he moved to Morocco, Fez where he served as Secretary of the state by Sultan Abu Inan of fez. A year later he went to Seville to settle a peace treaty with King Pedro I of Castile, where he was treated with great bounty.It is considered that Prolegomena was his fined thesis and study of history.It is his great contributions to political and social philosophy.Regarding the content of education Ibn-e-Khaldun says that religion instruction is the milestone of the curriculum as it helps in development of the good character and habits.Not only religious education but logic is also very important as it aids in the development of cognitive and analytical skills.

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