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The the Costa Azul bus (direction Cartagena) which stops at all the main costa resorts in the Mar Menor including Los Alcazares.

The reason it's quick is because it does not stop!

I am travelling in a party of 5 to Alicante airport, arriving at 21.15pm 11th September 2013.NOTE: Hi.depending on the time and traffic (taxies charge by journry time not distance on short trips0 I very much doubt if it would cost you more than 8 -10 euros. Hi, the last time in april this year bus was so full of people that 15 people stayed out. ) Hi myself and a girlfriend are flying in on 17 September early in the morning, we are going to Torrevieja and would need a taxi/bus/lift - can you give us a lift, or can you receommend a taxi company Alison Can anyone tell me what bus I would need to catch from Alicante airport to go to Los alcazous?However if there are 3 or 4 people travelling consider a taxi Standard daytime (ie.before 11 p.m.) is only 50 euro with the advantage of door to door service. I believe there is a direct bus from the airport to torrevieja bus station, then I would need a bus to go to Los Alcazous. As far as I know you should take the airport bus to Torrevieja bus station.Thank you I know how to get from Alicante Airport to Torrevieja by Quickair. Yes Quickair is best/cheaper option,get local bus at Torry bus depot. my son is 3 years old, but I still had to get him the bus ticket. takes 50 minutes to Torrevieja bus station and cost 6.99€.What line do I take to get from Torrevieja to san Miguel de Salinas? I have nice old bungalow,fully furnished/equipped in Chaparral, check out the Properties for sale section. i told the driver he was 3 and even showed his passport, but the driver still said my son had to get the ticket. By the time you collect your luggage etc you shouldn't have too long to wait.

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